Strategic partners

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At YBO Capital, we hold the conviction that forming strategic alliances is crucial to generate enduring value for both our investors and the companies we collaborate with. Our strategic partner service aims to discover and nurture relationships with enterprises that resonate with our principles and aspirations and can offer valuable know-how, assets, and proficiencies to the companies in our portfolio.

Discovering Opportunities and Initiating Deals

YBO Capital utilizes its far-reaching network and industry know-how to pinpoint potential strategic partners in line with our investment approach and goals. This entails examining industry patterns, interacting with management teams, and appraising possible partnerships.

Investigation and investment assessment

Upon identifying a prospective strategic partner, YBO Capital carries out a comprehensive investigation to evaluate the potential advantages and risks linked to the partnership. This involves scrutinizing the partner’s financial records, management team, competitive standing, and industry dynamics.

Organizing and negotiating

YBO Capital orchestrates the partnership in a manner that corresponds with our investment goals and risk tolerance. This could encompass joint ventures, strategic alliances, partnerships, or other forms of cooperation. Furthermore, we negotiate the partnership’s terms, including the duties and responsibilities of each party, governance, and financial aspects.

Execution and supervision

After forming a partnership, YBO Capital closely cooperates with the partner to execute the agreed-upon initiatives and manage the ongoing relationship. This may require joint strategic planning, resource allocation, technology exchange, or other measures aimed at augmenting the partnership’s value proposition.

Value generation and actualization

Our objective is to generate value for all parties involved in the partnership, including our investors, the companies in our portfolio, and our strategic partners. This might involve introducing new products or services, penetrating new markets, or exploring other growth opportunities facilitated by the partnership.

Throughout every phase of the strategic partnership process, YBO Capital employs its worldwide network, industry expertise, and operational capabilities to generate value for all stakeholders. We are confident that by building robust and mutually advantageous partnerships, we can propel innovation, expansion, and profitability for the companies we collaborate with and for our investors.


Become a strategic partner

If you’re interested in discovering more about our strategic partner service or exploring potential partnership opportunities, please feel free to get in touch. We eagerly await your call.


Advantages of Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances can offer a variety of benefits for the companies we collaborate with and for our investors, including:

Exploring new markets and clientele

By collaborating with a company with a solid foothold in a specific market or customer segment, businesses in our portfolio can extend their reach and accelerate their growth.

Complementary proficiencies and assets

Strategic partners can contribute invaluable expertise, technology, or other resources that can support businesses in our portfolio in attaining their strategic objectives.

Cost effectiveness and scaling benefits

Through partnerships, businesses can pool resources and infrastructure, curbing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Risk distribution and diversification

By collaborating with a company possessing complementary skills and proficiencies, businesses can share risks and decrease their susceptibility to market fluctuations and other risks.

In general, strategic alliances can enable businesses in our portfolio to realize their objectives more efficiently and effectively while also generating long-term value for our investors.

At YBO Capital, we believe that strategic alliances are a vital component of our investment strategy. By working closely with carefully chosen partners that share our principles and aspirations, we can drive innovation, expansion, and profitability for the companies in our portfolio and for our investors.

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